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Implementation slope

Primer setting
Primer setting in different layers: The reason of primer setting is having an easier waterproofing process and more quality assurance and guaranty.
primer setting method:
first the layer should be clean in such a way that no dust or dirt, then based on the substructure kind, primer setting is done in a flat layer and spread with special tools on layer. So the flatness in layer is very important .
1) 1 lit/m2
2) 0.5 lit/m2
Substructure is one of the main phases in installetion. In this phases substructure is doing in 2 different ways:
1- Substructure and slopping by cement and mineral cartridge
2- Substructure and slopping by cement and sand


First way: In first way 35% cement and 65% light mineral cartridge mixing together and laying on the desired layer then water sgould be spray on this mixture layer and then compress the layer. It should be noticed that in this phase the layer thickness should not exceed 3 cm and should done in 3 phases. For better water direction the slope should be 2%.Also it should be noticed that substructure should be done after this layer has been completely dried.
Second way: In this way substructure is is with concrete only which the min. Thickness of the layer should remain in substructure. Like first way the layer should be clear flat with out any up an down and waterproofing should install after layer is completely dry.
For more slopping guide please consider side images.

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