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Azarbam company for cover the new needs of the market and to increase customer satisfaction through new products and environment-friendly society,which would also create a competitive advantage to other products   to reduce customer costs, has poly bag production Line   with a production capacity of 200 tons of various grades of bitumen.  

poly bag

 Poly bag new technology and eco-friendly packaging for various grades of bitumen portability and ease of use for end users of the product provides.

Film coating layer of polyethylene, which melts in the operation of asphalt bitumen solution and packed improved.

Poly bag benefit for end user

Reduce packaging costs.

Decreasing losses caused by heat transfer bitumen product when handling containers and creating cost savings compared to other traditional packaging.

More efficient use of transport and handling costs are lower than the carrying barrels of bitumen.

 Lower insurance costs due to the risk of poly bag packaging with other types of packaging for consumer goods.

 Product heating costs.

Removal and disposal costs, recycling and other waste barrels of bitumen transport.

 The possibility of using the heating film coating product as authorized additives that can have a positive effect increase the quality of bitumen.

 Allows easy transportation to the place of final consumption due to low weight and flexible packaging.

 Creating a capillary channel distributor of building materials.

Poly bag packing in bags (50 kg)

poly bag packing in jumbo bag (weighing approximately 1,500 kg)

Loaded poly bag packing in 50 kg

Loaded poly bag packaging Jambo bag

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