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Moisture waterproofing of buildings that are traditionally the last forty years, with asphalt and tar tare done with the emergence of the advantages of this type of waterproofing and moisture waterproofing gradually gave way to the waterproofing. Nowadays most of the buildings in the wake of the foundation stage and in the waterproofing of walls, roofs and services, isolation and waterproofing layer is performed.
Waterproofing with heat-resistant coating of bitumen and synthetic fibers that are attached to the roof substrate and prevents the penetration of water and humidity of the environment below.Waterproofing with an average life of 10 years.

 Roofing phenomenon industrial and relies on the knowledge, experience, and technology in order to secure the structure against moisture and damp from rain and snow. There are different types of waterproofing, which, after passing through various tests in laboratories for processing plants, which will increase the sustainability factor.


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4kg Weight/m2 75kg/5cm Strength/length/td>
10m Roll Length 50kg/5cm Strength/width
1m Roll Width 16% Elongation/length
+155 Softening Point 10% Elongation/width
+125 Stability Form 12kgf Breaking/length
0.5mm Max durability 10kgf Breaking/width
-17 Bending in Cold 100% Joints Resistance
15dmm Absorption on 25/td> <1 Water Absorption
2/5atm Water Absorption <1 Weight Reduction
    4mm Thickness


  1. Polyethylene film
  2. APP modified Bitumen
  3. Thermo bounding 180 gr/m2
  4. APP modified Bitumen
  5. Polyethylene film
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