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The history of Azarbam
AZARBAM company has been established in 1993 by a private section in order to manufacturing waterproofing membranes and different kinds of industrial bitumen. In 1998 all operation processes of the factory finalized and the product launched the same year officially.

 آذر بام تاریخچه 

 This unit benefits from domestic and international technical staff using the latest technology; Moreover, It have been established in an area of 40000 sqm with 15000 sqm building.

This manufacturing unit is one of the major factories in Middle East with total production of 15,000,000 sqm waterproofing membranes, 500000 MT industrial bitumen and 2000 MT different kinds of primers annually. The most part of the production is applied in building foundations and road construction.

Based on different climates in different places, this Company has various productions applicable in each climate and we have many records and reference of our products using in warmest and coldest parts of world.


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Waterproofing unit

 واحد تولید ایزوگام 

Waterproofing membranes are an industrial technological based on experience and knowledge products. This materials are used for protecting any structure against humidity caused by rain and snow. Waterproofing membranes ,which have different types, have more stability after vary of tests in the laboratory. 


Waterproofing membranes because of it's lightness and high resistance, could be used as a complete waterproofing material for following applications:

  • Rooftops
  • Pnkvsym
  • Building foundations
  • Pools
  • Water Tanks
  • Tunnels
  • Water canals
  • WC
  • Refrigerating
  • Dams
  • Overpass
  • Airstrip
  • Parking-lots
  • Aviculturing Camps
  • Water,gas and oil pipes
  • Livestock building

The process of waterproofing membranes production by waterproofing membranes production line

Depending on product type (one layer or two layer), tissue and polyester enter the bitumen tank. Then impregnated by polymeric materials or blown bitumen also the thickness of layer would be determined  by outlet place on top of bitumen tank. In addition material loaded Aluminium sheet, would be integrated and enter the water tank. The layer will be cold after passing the water tank and roller. Afterwords, the plastic behind the layer would be integrate to it and waterproofing layer enters to storing elevator. The elevator will store the product temporary and prevents the halt in production line. Also the cooling fans will cool the layers in this section. Finally these layers would enter the roller that cuts the layer for 10 meter length each in roll figurative. The final roll will thrown for packing and final use..

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